Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So, I finally posted Naomi's fourth birthday tonight. Which we celebrated three and a half months ago. You think it's tough being a middle child? Well, at least blogging obviously isn't one of the things distracting me from Naomi, though there are plenty of others. Read about my little hidden treasure here.

Big News

For those of you who haven't heard all the whooping coming from our general direction,

It happened on Thursday, April 15th. TJ is now, officially, a seminary teacher. He starts work in the middle of May (as CES dudes work through the summer, studying) and we're still waiting to learn where we'll be assigned. Chances are good that we'll stay here in Salt Lake City, but there are positions open out of state, so we've been told to be prepared for anything.

For the first few hours after hearing the news, I couldn't seem to process that TJ had finally been hired! We have looked forward to this for our entire marriage, and especially during the last two years of self-employment. We have anxiously anticipated the day when TJ would be able to work regular hours and have paid vacations. We thought longingly of health benefits, of a steady paycheck, and of working for an employer we can respect. And we thought about how great it would be for TJ to be doing the work he's always been convinced he can do the most good in. When we thought about all the blessings that could be ours if TJ could land this job, it seemed too good to be true. We struggled with our faith. We prayed hard and worked hard. And now, strangely, after all this time of hoping, it still seems impossible that we've been granted this blessing. There were so many wonderful men and women vying for this spot, and it's truly humbling to know how scantily qualified we are to merit these blessings on our own.

I am deeply aware of the many prayers that have gone up on our behalf. I'm so grateful for the love and support we've had from family and friends during this time. Most of all, I'm grateful to our Father in Heaven, who knows TJ and I will always do our best no matter how deeply flawed we are, and to whom that is enough.