Sunday, April 30, 2017

Basement Pantry Before Kari, Basement Pantry After Kari


 Easter at Georgia's house
Mia and Jackson


Got enough basket there, Ezra?

Isaiah and I went to IFA to see the chicks

Ezra's braces finally came off.  I was more excited than he was.  I was like, "how is it, are you so happy?"  And with typical teenage laconic style, he said, "it feels weird."  

TJ got to lead a special choir for the very first KinnectYou event, a ginormous, epic family history conference for teens.  I got a VIP pass, which I used to its full extent.  The classes were so amazing!  

Just in case you didn't know how cute my sisters and I were thirty years ago.  Here's proof.

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