Sunday, April 30, 2017


About a year ago, Paul started begging me to get a snake.  We already have two bearded dragons, and I had a feeling that the snake would be just as boring and just as stinky.  Of course, what Paul and really all the kids have always wanted was a dog, and I figured we might as well get one and skip the whole incremental process from lizard to snake to gerbil to parakeet to cat, etc, because we know we're going to cave eventually.  

So my campaign for a puppy began.  TJ never liked the idea, and we really couldn't afford the kind of dog we wanted, but when friends called and told us they were selling their dog's puppy for a great deal, we jumped!  Frodo is a standard poodle, and he's perfect for our family.  Poodles are smart, athletic, playful, and don't bother folks with allergies, like me.  

It has been major drama around here getting used to living with a dog!  Neither TJ nor I have ever done so, and we have no idea what we're doing.  Ezra does most of the work, thankfully.  And also thankfully, we're replacing the carpet soon.  Yikes!  I thought kids were hard on carpet!

We love Frodo so much!  He is sweet and fun and he learns so fast.  He is already bigger than most full-grown dogs, so we are carefully training him to obey before he can physically overpower all of us!  

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