Tuesday, January 18, 2011

At the River

Yesterday was such a perfect day.  The temperature was pushing seventy when we loaded up the kids and a picnic and headed out.  We chose a campsite down in the Gorge for our picnic, surrounded on every side by the arid and majestic grandeur of the canyon walls.  After we ate, we hiked down to the river.  My hiking buddy was Naomi, which is appropriate, since she’s about as much an outdoorswoman as I am.  She picked her way over the rocks and walked/slid down the hill, her voice registering high-pitched concern and discomfort all the way.  Once we got to the promised land, though, her whining turned to giggles and screams of delight.

Though the water was too cold for swimming, the kids flirted with the its edge—dabbling sticks, throwing rocks, and building castles and canals.  Paul was industrious, on a constant mission to find the best and biggest rocks and toss them six inches into the water.  He stumbled and fell constantly, often into the water, and ended up covered wet sand.  TJ and the kids built a “bridge” into the river, using huge boulders.  They buried Paul and their feet about one foot down. 

I was content just to watch and remember.  The heat of the sun and the smell of the river seeped into me, reminding me of hundreds of childhood days spent frolicking on the Colorado River.  I was reminded, once again, of how nutritious it is, how necessary it is, to get out and play in the dirt, especially as kids.  Their joy at discovering weird sticks and big rocks, at creating and destroying, at getting good and dirty—it suffused my childhood, too.  Even then, I needed a good push to get outside, but I loved it once I got out there.  Just like I do now.    

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Six Months in Pictures--Part II

Let us hope that a picture truly is worth a thousand words, because that's about how far behind I am!
Paul's first birthday!

Our day-date to Lamb's Knoll.

Camping at Lamb's Knoll with TJ.

Pain is beauty, beauty is pain.

Six Months of Pictures--Part I

Can't.  Blog.  Six months.  This is the closest I can get for you:

TJ's and my first investigator gets baptized!

Zion Canyon
Crazy Hair Day at BES

Naomi and Eden's private preschool for two.  They have a ball together.

Naomi's fifth birthday!  She is such a sweetheart!

I can't believe I'm old enough to be the recepient of "Look, Mom, no hands!"

TJ's and my fabulous, five-day getaway.  Thanks Monnetts and Baileys for taking the kids!

Snow in Saint George--
short and sweet as snow always should be.

He didn't pee his pants, but it sure looked like it.  This shot took some Paparazzi-like skills from Georgia and me!  Love you, babe!
Eliza FINALLY lost her first tooth!  Hooray!
Granddaddy visited from Georgia.  We loved seeing him!  We didn't take pictures of him, but we did take pictures of the three of us fooling around while he was outside with Mom!

Paul on the zipline.  Yes, we have a zipline.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Nothing gets me motivated like a good deadline.  And fewer deadlines inspire me more than a baby due date.  All of a sudden my life is divided into:

a) projects that I can reasonably hope to have completed within the next few months,


b) things that can wait for about eighteen months, which is when I will emerge from that busy, yet dreamlike state that is the first year of the baby's life. 

Our baby is due in July.  I am filled with wonder at the trust our Heavenly Parent has in these two very earthly parents.  He has so far entrusted us with some of His choicest spirits.  I am deeply grateful for the gift of their lives.  And this year, or at least this six months, I'm going to do a better job of documenting this amazing life that is ours.

Yes friends, I'm going to start blogging again.  That is, friends who are still reading!