Sunday, June 29, 2014

Kari's anniversary present!

I digitized a lot of photos for Kari including pics from our beautiful wedding album and made this slide show.  It was free and she loved it!  It was the best anniversary gift I've given her yet because it took so much time and thought.  Earned me lots of points!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Anniversary Trip

Cabin in Oak Grove
Canyoneering at Yankee Doodle
B&B at in Rockville

Jumpin' Jacks

They hear about it from their friends, and are once in a lucky while invited to a birthday party there.  But although Jumpin' Jacks is less than ten miles from here, it might as well be Disneyland.  So when TJ and I promised the kids a trip there if they did well in their math for the last month of school, it was a big deal. Naomi, who did especially well, even got to invite her friend, Eliza Brown.   We had so much fun!



At the River

My happiest childhood days were spent on the Colorado River, cooling off, getting good and dirty, fooling around with my sibs, and learning about nature.  And since I just really want to be the kind of mom I had, I've been trying really hard this summer to get the kids to the river more often.  Okay.  So we've gone one week in a row.  But tomorrow will be two, and we're hoping since friends are there we'll be good and motivated.  And how cool is it that we're on the Virgin River, which is a tributary of the Colorado?  Kind of poetic.  


Our Family Night has been suffering from a bad case of ennui lately.  After dinner we've been sitting in the living room, quickly slogging through a lesson, choosing the briefest game possible, and bribing the kids to end the night with dessert.  TJ and I decided it needed to be longer and way more fun.

Tonight we started Family Night at five o'clock with our game.  We taught the kids to play "spoons," and somehow it turned into a wrestling match about every three minutes.  It was hilarious.  Once, when TJ and I seized the same spoon and struggled for it, the entire bunch of kids landed on his head in an effort to help me.  And he still got it.  We laughed so hard together.  After the game we had dinner (of sorts--it actually counted as dessert, too:) muffins and smoothies on a blanket in the back yard.  Then we tried to balance the whole family on the teeter totter.  

We came in then, and Eliza read an article from the Friend about strengthening the family.  Then she had us come to the table and each write down five things we could do to strengthen our family.  Most of us ran out of ideas and asked for suggestions, and that was really a wonderful learning experience.  We taped our little goal sheets to the fridge, and Eliza promised to do something nice for each person who makes progress on their goals this week.  Actually the best FHE lesson we've had in months, totally including the ones TJ and I have "prepared."

Sometimes, my cup of joy overflows.