Monday, July 13, 2015

Studio D: Fan Art for our Friends in Provo!


Hey, Studio C.  We love you SO MUCH.  We made these videos for you (kind of.)  
If you only have time to watch the intro and one of the skits, I'd choose Airport Security.  
But they're all super fun.

And yes, we know it's lame that TJ and Kari needed scripts.  
Old people have a harder time memorizing.  

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Fourth of July

This year the Fourth of July was kind of like New Years' Eve--in that the whole family was completely partied out and had sworn not to do anything together, and in that we caved at the list minute, as always.  I called Georgia and told her Mom was coming, and where two or three are gathered to party, Georgia will also be in their midst.  Of course, the coup d'etat was that Kendall chose to spend his last night in St. George with us.  The party was inevitable.  

This is what we ate for dinner.  Just kidding!  We had my famous shish kebabs, Stirling Farms' famous watermelon, Georgia's famous corn on the cob, and Mom's famous bread and pie from Veyo.  Okay, maybe none of these things are famous.  But they SHOULD be.  

After dinner we went downtown for the fireworks.

And I hyperventilated for a solid hour while TJ let the children bandy with fire.  Seriously, does anyone else hate these things as much as I do?  Today a friend at church gave my kids more, and I very nearly screamed.

But it's hard to argue with this kind of joy.

God bless America!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dick Family Reunion

My kids talk about the Dick Family Reunion all.  Year.  Long.  And the last week before the reunion, I hear about it at least 50 times a day.  I'm pretty sure they would rather give up sugar next year than give up the reunion.  (Hmm, there may be something there...)

And it's the same for the Monnett Family Reunion, which happens next month.  What would these kids do without their fantastic cousins?  

What makes a family reunion so special?  Well, it starts with the drive down, complete with sibling bonding over too much snack food, books on tape, and of course, cheesy western pit stops.  

 But the real fun starts with the cousins.

Add a few goofy hats...

the beauty of the Arizona mountains...

and hot rocks in one's shirt...

and I can personally guarantee you'll need to catch up on your sleep later.

Forty years ago last week, Terry and Laurie bravely stepped into family life when they were sealed together in the Salt Lake City Temple. The day they celebrated their anniversary, their family numbered forty--counting all the in-laws and grand-kids.  Hmm, remember how forty is a biblical symbol for tribulation?   I don't think they had any idea they were getting into--and maybe that's a good thing.  Because it came out to be a very, very good thing they did.  There is nothing that gives us greater joy than getting together.  

Thanks, Mom and Dad Dick, for giving us all this and so much more.