Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Taste of Things to Come

Two lovely beginnings today.  This is the first crop from our apricot tree, planted two summers ago.  There was about twice this, but the birds got it before we could install our lovely fake owl.  And...the inside of the fruit is a little brownish.  But it's a start.

I want fruit trees in the worst way.  If I were in charge, we'd cut down everything on this lot to make room for more.  As it is, I'll have to do it by degrees.  (This year, the desert willow is coming down to make room for a fruit tree.)  

And if you want to know about the other new thing, ask my sister.  :)

Brian Head

TJ and I went to Brian Head last week for our (belated) anniversary.  Just getting the kids ready and to Mom's and Georgia's houses completely wore me out, so I slept on the way up.  Then we stopped at Milt's Stage Stop in Cedar Canyon and gave steak its best shot to impress us.  We still can't see what all the mania is about, but it was good, especially with sauteed mushrooms; and the smoked trout with crackers and cream cheese, the amazing salad bar, and the hot, fresh bread and butter bowled us over.

We took a short, sunset hike around the rim of Cedar Breaks and discovered a stand of bristlecone pine trees, some of the oldest living things in the world.  This was a very pleasant surprise, since I've been wanting to see one for a few years now.  These ones are estimated to be 1400 to 1600 years old, but there are some in Nevada that scientists guess are closer to 4000 years old.

It was getting dark, so we headed for our hotel.  TJ surprised me by booking a very nice room at the DoubleTree in Brian Head.  We love that place not the least because they provide four pillows of variable height and fluffiness--and TJ let me have first pick.  (Chivalry is not dead.)

We stayed up late and slept in as long as we could without risking our continental breakfast, which was divine.  Then we did a few more hikes, and checked out the cabin and surrounding area for next week's family reunion.  There was a lot of driving, and TJ did it all so I could have plenty of time to read.  My requirements for a successful vacation are as follows:

Time alone with my best friend
Comfy accomodations
Beautiful surroundings
Amazing food
Lots of time to read

So this one passed with flying colors.  Thanks, TJ.  And here's to many dozens of years more to come!