Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Am Doing It

Lately I have been feeling that I sit down to the computer a dozen times a day for no good reason.  I am drawn to its shiny connectivity, and find myself checking email far more often than there is anything worth reading.  I have even been frustrated with Facebook's lack of new content.  I know. That's very, very sad.

It's not like I have nothing to do around here.  I've been telling myself for months and years, really, that I'm far too busy to do family history.  But the dead end in  my family tree has become less and less acceptable since Ezra turned twelve and inherited responsibility for it.  (The brethren really knew what they were doing when they assigned family history to the youth--those of us slow to heed the call in general conference will eventually give in to our own children.  I mean, really, who say no to a cute kid asking for help with family history?)  So today I finally sat down to see what I could do.  I had to call the help desk, but by the end of the twenty-minute call, I was well on my way.  In another five or ten minutes, I had printed up my very first Family Ordinance Request.  Ezra, excited by my success, did a little more work on one of my lines, and printed his own request, and then tried his hand at indexing.  

I was not prepared for the elation I've felt all day.  The brethren have taught us that the internet can be a colossal waste of time--or--help us hasten the work.  Turns out, hastening the work is way more fun than wasting time colossally.