Sunday, February 22, 2015


My friend Katie Coleman has been waiting for her legally adopted daughters to come 

home for way over a year, and you can help.  Please sign the petition.

I'm re-posting her latest blog entry here with her permission.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Tonight I asked TJ why I was so tired.  He replied, "Because you're so gorgeous.  That kind of beauty takes a lot of beauty sleep."

I kissed him like a well-rested woman would.  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Heaven is Here

Have you read this book?  If you read it when it came out three years ago, have you picked it up yet again?  

This week I was struggling with my old enemy, and I reached for hope when I picked this friend up off the bookshelf.  I am so glad that I did, because my heart feels shiny and new again.  

Here is an excerpt from my journal when I first read the book:

"I admit that I chose motherhood out of a sense of duty and felt I was unqualified for anything grand as a real career.  My faith has hinted that there is so much more to my role--but I have gone about the business of raising a family with an astonishing lack of vision.  Today, on my knees, I felt the spirit testify that I am not 'just a mom--' but a beloved daughter of God with a mission to save souls.

"My thoughts return again to Stephanie's powerful example and perspective.  Even before the accident, she treasured the small joys and pleasures of daily family life: wet baby kisses, little girl giggles, the unexpected turns of a child's mind, stolen romantic moments, beautiful sunsets.  These little moments occur constantly in my blessedly home-centered life.  What worldly ambitions, accolades, or luxuries would I trade them for?  What distractions do I allow to crowd them out?

"Today as I knelt in gratitude, I shed tears of joy--then, opening my eyes, wiped my glasses clean.  My vision gets smudgy and unclear as I rub up against slobbery kids all day.  but as I draw closer to my Father in Heaven, I know he'll help me see a little better every day."