Saturday, September 28, 2013

Karen Dick is unber arest and will be put to eating ice-cream.
This is rotten milk!  (soon)
Eliza is pretty
Naomi is crazy and she screams a lot

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today our sweet elderly neighbor, Brother Slack, gave each of the kids Otter Pops.  Paul went back unbidden to ask if Brother Slack had a sugar-free treat for me.

The cutie.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Inner Gypsy

I've gotten in the bad habit lately of sitting at the computer during breakfast and lunch, catching up on email or e-errands while the kids eat at the counter.  This bugs me, not only because mealtime is supposed to be good for connecting with family, but because I know I'd be irritated if my kids did that to me.  So this week I decided to start serving and eating meals at the table.

I wasn't expecting any dramatic results, but I had a sweet moment with my kids at lunch on Thursday. Naomi started speaking in tongues, and Eliza started "translating," telling me my fortune.  Usually this is the kind of silliness that drives me deep into cyberspace, but this time I embraced it.  I taught the girls how to read palms, and we spent the rest of the meal practicing on each other.  "You have a strong life line," we always began.  The fortune always went downhill from there:  "These twelve lines mean that you will have twelve children someday--all girls.  You will also have a goat.  You will be bitten by ants sometime this week.  You should never purchase cheese from someone who has dirty nails."  We had a good laugh together.  And I ended the meal thinking how grateful I am for those cute girls.  My chances to connect with them that way are numbered, and I intend to make them count!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pizza Pizza

Isaiah's favorite thing right now is making and serving pizza.  (Those hot pads are the pizza and, no, the oven is not on.)  He's the cutest thing when he brings around the pan and offers us all slices of "potsa."

Monday, September 16, 2013

Kolob Arch

Paul is four.  Paul walked fourteen miles in two days.  Paul is a stud.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Muppett Mania

We have Netflix, and lately I've been trying to get the kids a solid education in great films.  Naturally, Muppetts tops my list, and tonight I rounded up the kiddos for some serious cultural literacy.  TJ was in the room, not quite as transfixed as the rest of us, and I wondered at his callous behavior as he goofed off on his smart phone.  Who can be in the room with that kind of screwball comedy, heartfelt goodwill and razzle dazzle and not be completely drawn in?

Sure, I was brainwashed at an early age.  We watched so many Muppet shows when we were kids, it's amazing none of us became career puppeteers.  We still have running gags from the Muppetts pop up all the time: "wo-man, wo-man."  And The Muppet Movie was an absolute favorite.  We saw it so many times that tonight, even after twenty years or so, I could sing along and quote all the best one-liners before they were delivered.  The best thing in a family of eight siblings with a 21-year age range is when some family memories are universal; even though I was starting my own family when Lawson had his first lessons in Muppetology, it's a common bond for us.

So, I was disappointed in 2011 when I found that TJ wasn't waiting on pins and needles for the Muppett revival.  But it's okay, because now I'm training up the next generation of enthusiasts.  Wokka wokka.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cable Mountain Hike



Ezra and TJ backpacked the East Rim in Zion a few weeks ago.  And I read a four hundred-page novel in twelve hours.  It was your classic win-win.

Paul's Birthday

We celebrated Paul's fourth birthday at the Monnetts' house this year.  Nikki and Derek were down for the weekend, so it was a ready-made party--and no need to invite any pesky four-year-old friends.  :)

The kids always spend a lot of time at Mom's exploring the backyard.  It is a kid-wonderland, full of berries to pick and eat, little hide-outs, and, of course, there are your caterpillars.  We thought these were tiger-striped butterflies in the making, and we took some home to see the metamorphosis.  But they turned out to be some grapevine-destroying plague.  Luckily they never saw daylight again once they reached our house.  

It was a Perry the Platypus party, so we had an "Anator"-making contest.  I was amazed by the creative stuff everyone came up with!

And here is Paul with his Perry cake.   Not gluten-free or sugar-free, just mostly dairy-free for Isaiah's sake. (I had a mango for dessert.)

This is the part where I usually get mushy and say I can't believe he's already four.  But I have to say that I've been slipping up and calling Paul four for about six months now.  He is so amazingly smart.  His vocabulary is immense, and his sense of humor is fabulous.  He loves his little brother with all his heart and always wants to help around the house.  I love his big green eyes and his social personality.  He is going to be a big heart-breaker some day!  We are so lucky to have Paul in our lives and I love knowing that I get to spend every day with him as he grows bigger, stronger, and more like his dad.