Saturday, September 28, 2013

Karen Dick is unber arest and will be put to eating ice-cream.
This is rotten milk!  (soon)
Eliza is pretty
Naomi is crazy and she screams a lot

Sunday, September 22, 2013

My Inner Gypsy

I've gotten in the bad habit lately of sitting at the computer during breakfast and lunch, catching up on email or e-errands while the kids eat at the counter.  This bugs me, not only because mealtime is supposed to be good for connecting with family, but because I know I'd be irritated if my kids did that to me.  So this week I decided to start serving and eating meals at the table.

I wasn't expecting any dramatic results, but I had a sweet moment with my kids at lunch on Thursday. Naomi started speaking in tongues, and Eliza started "translating," telling me my fortune.  Usually this is the kind of silliness that drives me deep into cyberspace, but this time I embraced it.  I taught the girls how to read palms, and we spent the rest of the meal practicing on each other.  "You have a strong life line," we always began.  The fortune always went downhill from there:  "These twelve lines mean that you will have twelve children someday--all girls.  You will also have a goat.  You will be bitten by ants sometime this week.  You should never purchase cheese from someone who has dirty nails."  We had a good laugh together.  And I ended the meal thinking how grateful I am for those cute girls.  My chances to connect with them that way are numbered, and I intend to make them count!