Thursday, October 17, 2013

Summer Randomness

Just a random picture of me.  :)


With the help of his seminary council, TJ designed and built this amazing Tree of Life.  Every time the students complete a book of the Book of Mormon, they put their name on a leaf and put it up.  Then when they finish the whole book, they put a piece of fruit.

 This one speaks for itself.
Ezra and Trevor Croft got their Arrows of Light on the same night.  TJ (the coolest Webelos leader ever) had just been released, but did this one last ceremony.  We are both so proud of Ezra for his hard work and for exemplifying scouting values so well!
Sometimes when TJ puts the boys to bed, they beg to sleep together.  It always lasts a few minutes before one or both are ready for Isaiah to go to the crib.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


It has been a good week.  But let me backtrack about two weeks to a less-good week.

I was stressed.  I was tired.  The old S.A.D Monster was rearing its ugly head and threatening me not only with an ugly winter, but with total personal failure.  (Depressed people aren't known for their great sense of perspective.)

SO I prayed.  I went to the temple.  I talked with loved ones.  And I made a chart of all my favorite crazy-busting weapons, along with boxes to check off every day.  Here they are, in no particular order.

Up at 6AM
Read Scriptures
Free Time
TJ Time
Essential Oils
Temple (Weekly)

I haven't been able to check them all off, not even once.  But I feel so much better just for hitting a few every day.  They're all biggies, but I'd say the temple and free time and essential oils they're all biggies.