Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cabin Fever

I get cabin fever every February, and usually I self-medicate by browsing vacation destinations on the internet and making grandiose plans that we'll never be able to afford.  This year was no different: I dreamed of a summer cabin on the Oregon coast for a week.  No, a month!  It would be the perfect time for us to relax and reconnect, and above all, the kids would be outside 24/7, soaking up sun, getting dirty, and basically doing everything they can't do in February.  I envisioned a small cabin, perhaps a little neglected, and therefore affordable on a seminary teacher's budget.  I was so dismayed to find that nothing of the sort seemed to exist!  As the weather warmed, the matter became less urgent, and I allowed my daydream to lie fallow.  As the budget reasserted its existence, I downgraded to a cabin in Beaver, then to a camping trip in Eastern Utah.  But then TJ and I remembered that his friend, Brandt Jones, has often offered us the use of his cabin on Pine Valley Mountain.  We decided to test the friendship by asking for four days there with our kids.  

We.  Had.  A ball.  
We had a ton of fun riding the ATVs Brandt brought up for us.  

 Eliza's not in this picture, because she took it.

 "The Rag of Shame."  They kept putting this on to keep the heat of the campfire off their faces.  Haha!

We don't have any pictures to document what turned out to be the best part of our stay at the cabin.  There is a little pond on the property, with a paddle boat and canoe.  While we were there, TJ rigged up a zip line across it.  The zip line starts about twenty feet up a tree on the side of the pond, and goes two hundred feet across to the other side, but you're supposed to drop into the lake halfway.  And the first person to go across was...Paul!  He kept asking TJ if he could go, and TJ got him set up with a life jacket and a harness.  He kept expecting Paul to chicken out, but he never did.  He just went across, dropped in, and never batted an eyelash!  When I got up on the platform to go on the zip line, I darn near backed out, but I really couldn't.  How could I let my four-year-old show me up?  There is a high price for respect in this family.  

This was the best vacation ever!  I feel like I should spend more of my time dreaming, because the Lord seems to love surprising me with exactly what I've hoped for, tried for, and failed to provide myself.