Sunday, October 16, 2016

What Does TJ have in Common with Roald Dahl?

Both extremely gifted, both kinda dark but hilarious, and most of all--both insane.  This is what Sunday nights around our house sound like.  

Fall Break

TJ and I thought about taking the kids camping this weekend, but then we figured we could do all the fun stuff and skip the sleeping on the ground bit.

Here are the kids in front of a massive Ponderosa Pine, which is TJ's favorite tree.  TJ taught us all about the different species of pine on our hike.  It's fun having a scoutmaster in the family!
(Can you see Paul?)

We came to the point of the hike most people would designate the "end."  Then TJ and the kids hopped the barricade and followed the stream into the side of the mountain.  

Isaiah and I stayed behind and took pictures.  "Be normal," I kept telling him.  
In vain, in vain.

Later, at the lake, when I told Isaiah I couldn't do anything about his cold hands, Eliza saved the day by tying him up in his sweatshirt.  It looked so cozy I had it done to me, as well!

Naomi learned rock skipping from a pro.

And of course we took time to frolic in the leaves.

Hands down, my favorite part of the trip was listening to these goofballs jam on the way home.  This little riff they made up all on their own.  I love how Isaiah didn't have to be told to beat box it.  After they got the ball rolling, TJ spent about a half hour teaching them "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" by rote.  Good thing, too, because otherwise he would have fallen asleep like me and we'd have crashed!


Summer Catch-Up

This blog has been such a drag lately, nothing but depression this and trials that! 
Here is the other 90% of my life, which I think you'll agree, is pretty awesome.

We had so many awesome friends and family come to support TJ in his play this summer!  Kiersten helped the kids make this candy lei for TJ when she was here.  And Jonathan, well, he was here as well.

The Tooth Fairy in our house is such a slacker.

Ezra held an EPIC garage sale for his Eagle Scout fundraiser this summer.  He raised enough money in the first two hours, and then he raised money for others in the troop.

Lots and lots of money!

We're going to need a big ugly stick for this girl.

Isaiah has been doing home school for two years, but since he's only five, he started kindergarten this year at the Montessori school.  This is him on his first day of school.  True to form, he has never looked back.  He is taking DMA by storm!

This is why Paul is my favorite child.

This summer GG Andersen moved back to St. George, as well as Terry and Laurie, TJ's parents.  We are so glad to have them close to us!

Paul turned 7 this summer, and we celebrated with this awesome cake Grandma Dick made.

Paul also lost his first tooth!  Finally!

We had a visit from Nikki and her fam.  Little Kimball had my girls wrapped around his little finger right away.

A family night with the extended fam.  This picture I love, so, so much.  Because the blurriness gives you a clear picture of what Paul and Weston are like when they get together.

Kendall fulfilling his avuncular duties.

Palmer's 2nd Birthday!

Our enrichment night this fall was a Cafe Rio dinner with the Young Women.
Go Fourth!

 Ezra's Eagle Project is putting in one hole of a disc golf course in our park.  Here he is with his helpers, some of whom I think may have been there for the lemonade.

My kids have the best take ever on the presidential debates.  
Here's Naomi's:

(it reads "I will burn you," "spider" and "I hate you Trump.")

And Eliza's takes the cake:

I changed my mind.  Isaiah's my favorite.

The boys begged for weeks to go to the Rosenbruch Wildlife Museum.  They were such fantastic little learners!  They listened to the docent tour as attentively as the adults around them.  They are pretty much the next set of Wild Kratt brothers.

We almost got eaten by a bear while we were there.

My next-door neighbor took two gold and one silver in the Huntsman Games this summer.  
She's the coolest.  

I finally used my feminine charms to get TJ to dump his old wallet, which he bought in high school. I have been begging for years for him to retire it, but it's been hard because he really likes the way this one has been smashed flat and molded to the shape of his rear end.  But  it has more holes than pockets.  Time to say goodbye!

As you can see he's really excited about the shiny new replacement.